Unreal Engine 4

Meek Cover System

Provide example and logic for your own cover system.

Aloha! And Thank you for your interest in our Meek Cover System (MCS.) This is built from the Third Person Project setup. The entire purpose of MCS is to provide example and logic for your own cover system. We wanted a multiplayer cover system that didn’t require special “walls.” Unable to find suitable tutorials, examples, and Marketplace blue prints, we decide to implement our own. As time continued, we added other features, such as cover to cover. We hope you find this project very useful and instructive.

As of version 2, we have switched to supporting all functionality into an Actor Component. MCS is based on animations from the free UE4 Animation Starter Pack. Hence, our cover animations is the standard moving animation BUT turned 90 degrees, to face parallel with the wall. We then limit movement to following the wall.

As of version 3, we have implemented custom animations.

Quick list of features


  • 90%+ functionality put into an Actor Component.
  • Multiplayer support. Built and tested with the “Run as Server” mode.
  • Hard Cover system. You need to press a button.
  • Cover against any surface. No special “wall” materials required.
  • Move from cover to cover.
  • Move along adjoined walls.
  • Move along curved walls.
  • Move along concave/hard angled walls.
  • Very basic cover fire. *
*Not supported in Actor component.

Built in Logic


  • Camera switch when in cover, vs when out of cover. You may/may not like this. *
  • Moving back, or away from wall, auto uncovers you.
  • Auto crouch if wall is short. Based on wall height. Adjustable by a variable.
  • Cover movement is based on camera. So forward while looking left, will move left.
  • Cover to cover requires you going to edge of wall, then pressing cover.
  • Curved walls has a minimum size. Else our line trace won’t detect tiny walls.
  • Cover fire was built as an example/filler for your real/animated cover fire.
*Not supported in Actor component.


Meek Cover System Documents


Version 1.0  

Version 3.0  

Thank you